Customer references

Mr Thierry Bush responsible for communication and external relations of the Urapel Versailles (regional Union of Associations of parents of pupils of the free education)

We were looking for a partner able to provide simple and effective solutions for the implementation of a major project for our association. Reibaud Communication was able to meet our needs and guide us from the exploratory period to the realization of our symposium, without ever dispossessing us of our project. Our success is also theirs. Our first impressions were decisive. Their capacity to listen and understand our specific issues permitted our volunteers and professionals to work successfully together. They always gave us their full cooperation and availability.

Mrs Isabelle Roudil - Technical advisor, Social Housing Union

For this planned european project, we had to meet a score of senior officials. The participants, from several different countries, were to meet in Warsaw, Poland. We had two requirements: work and learn to better know each other. Running out of time, we waited till the last minute to entrust the overall organization of these european professional days to the Reibaud Communication agency. Logistics and planning were perfect, the results were both professional and festive which made these working days a total success.

Mr José Dias - Director of customer relations:

With the Reibaud Communication agency, I found them to be a competent team, attentive to requests and needs, respectful of deadlines and procedures, rigorous in implementation, and treated more as a partner than a customer.

Ms. Carole Jones - Executive assistant - Ecureuil IARD

At the first meeting with Reibaud Communication, we did not know if all the ingredients were there that we wanted, especially with all the constraints inherent in an important communications operation. Imagination, efficiency, quality of advise, that is what we needed. Reibaud Communication fully satisfied our expectations.

Madam the Mayor of Puteaux Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud

The organization of a dual event is a sensitive matter. It is first and foremost to find partners who have several qualities including listening and quick reactions are indispensable. Reibaud Communication obviously has these qualities. Working with them was a guarantee of success for us.

Mr Ben Ducobu - Event planner - Club Med events

If I had to describe the experience I had with Reibaud Communication during our collaborations for major festive events, I would say only two things: they are very inventive in complex problem solving, as well as very careful to respect the wishes of their client wishes. What more could anyone ask?