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Do you desire to immerse yourself in an ambience that is typically french? With the expertise of Reibaud Communications, you can become the producer of your very own french musical show. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to offer you an extensive choice of musical entertainment, ranging from the traditional accordionists with its "bal musette" charm, to disc jockeys (DJs).

Reibaud: organizer of quality French music evening

You appreciate the old time organ singers of old Paris ? You have a preference for the medieval period or trumpeter bands? We even offer Hip-Hop shows for the youngest! Simply make your choice and we take care of the rest. Feel free to browse the various sections of our website to not miss any of our offers. We are committed to answer your request for a quote within 24 hours.


france accordeonisteBal musette, popular Ballroom and tavern atmosphere. French charm that evokes Montmartre...

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france medievalMedieval music plunge back into the heart of the middle ages. Costumes, minstrels and troubadours, pageant...

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Discs Jockeys

france disc jockeyA DJ for plays any musical style of your choice non-stop! Some DJs have scratched in Ibiza or other party destinations!

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Ensembles / Concerts of musical variety

france orchestreEnsembles and concerts for all genres and styles. French and international varieties...

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fanfareRhythm and dynamism of "Banda", popular military bands, or original and humanistic, for carnivals and parades!

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Street Organ

france orgue barbarieThe street organ conjures up a nostalgic image of old Paris that delights the collective hearts of people everywhere...

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Hip Hop / Rap

france rapHip hop music, rap, beat, slam. Performances by hip-hop and demos of "freestyle"...

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