france medieval

Gentle ladies and noble lords, here is an event worthy of your ears: medieval music, its polyphonic sounds, its courtly graces and songs... its instruments that delve into another world, the lute, the cittern, recorder, Sackbut (formerly trombone), Shawm (formerly the oboe), the harp, lyre, the pipes or musette... its bards, minstrels, trouvères and troubadours and knight errants, these composer-singer poets who captivated the courts of noblemen and public squares.

The Middle Ages in all its glory is lain at your feet, to enliven your evenings with all the sets and the costumes you desire.

Do not hesitate to discover our exceptional artists, and dive into the heart of the medieval world.


Services Information

Show : 2 to 6 musicians
Instruments :

Psaltery (zither), fiddles, jitter, rebec, lute, Shawm, bombard and songs...

Repertoire :

Cantiga Santamaria, La Bionda trecca, bel flora dança, Quant voi la flor novelme, mar de Vigo ondas, Lanquan li jorn, Madre che festi, it solazzo, dança amorosa

Duration :

120 minutes to be divided in 1, 2 or 3 set performances

Sound and lighting : Please inquire
Wardrobe :

Medieval velvet dresses for women and Jerkins with crowned griffins, additional cost for: silver gallon or gold embroidered tunics for men