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Australia is inhabited since prehistoric times by the Aboriginal people who live on its Red earth: there, they have preserved some of their traditions and beliefs.

"Didjeridoo" or "didjeridu" has always been part of their lives: this musical instrument known in the musical world is made from eucalyptus, dug by termites and then cut and carved patiently by aborigines. The haunting sound of the instrument is perfectly suited to ceremonies and rituals where it is used.

We invite you to an authentic didgeridoo concert accompanied by drums, a journey into the Australian bush, inspired by the introduction to this unusual music.


Services Information

Show : 2 to 6 musicians
Instruments :

Didgeridoo and clap sticks (percussion), "bullroarer" and chants

Repertoire :

Aboriginal traditional music

Duration :

Up to 2 h of non-stop music

Sound system : Please inquire
Wardrobe :

Traditional Australian Aborigine