monde baviere

The Bavarian Orchestra was born of musical traditions practiced in the Alpine countries where yodeling was a way to communicate on mountain peaks, while singing vowels and consonants without the slightest sense of their meanings.

This tradition spread to cities in the form of professional orchestras that perform at beer festivals and other festivities.

Our orchestras are perfectly suited to these festivities, sauerkraut nights, parades and street festivals. They joyfully communicate with high spirits and good humor.


Services Information

Show : 2 to 10 musicians
Musicians :

Accordion, tuba, trombone, clarinet, then, drums, guitar and sousaphone

Repertoire :

Polka, Waltz, Tyrolean market, mazurka, clarines and then

Duration :

Up to a 4 hour event

Sound system : Please inquire
Wardrobe :

Traditional hat with feather, Tyrolean trousers, suspenders and white socks