Street entertainements : Arial displays

Features and characteristics of an,"in the air" show

The show "in the air" is the interplay of the element air and the environment that is essentially joyful. Visually fanciful, imaginative, dream-like, even surrealistic. A zen-like balance between earth, air and the ephemeral.

Charming "windmill gardens" and extraordinary kite displays are among the top choices for these kind of shows.

The organization of an "in the air" show

Organizing a "windmill garden" or a display of kites is a substantial artistic and technical endeavor. Over the years, Reibaud Communication has made it their most important concern. That is why, these shows are consistently stunning, thanks largely to the technical expertise of our dedicated teams.

Windmill gardens

thumb Eoliennes 1UA garden of enchanted and fanciful windmills spinning in the wind, multi colored and many decorative forms...

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A parade of kites

thumb cerf volant 1A display of giant kites in your streets, a visually enchanting and magical display that everyone will absolutely love...

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