African or Oriental themed evenings

A captivating African evening: dancing, singing and a journey of the senses...

An African evening: A sure party favorite

The thrill to see and hear Balafons, griots, fakirs, or Middle Eastern dances: let yourself be captivated by an African themed evening! Reibaud Communication has developed a rich selection of themed African nights. Inspired as much by traditions as contemporary life, our range of nights actually covers a wide range of geographical destinations as well. Africa, with it's thousand faces is a vast journey into the heart of humanity ... always a powerful choice.

Choose from a variety of african shows both dance and music

Specialist in events planing, Reibaud Communication designs with care and professionalism memorable themed evenings. Are you tempted by tribal songs and spectacular performances? Opt for an evening spent in darkest Africa. Charmed by oriental dances in sublime kaidal tents? Then, a Maghreb evening is made for you! To help you choose your African show, our team awaits your call.

Equitorial Africa

thumb Afrique 1Percussionists, Kora player, African warriors, African singers and dancers, wild animals, African decor, African catering, African theme photos...

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thumb Oriental 2Middle Eastern dancers, rai, dromedaries, camels, Eastern decor, mint tea, balancing act with glasses and tea trays, Arabic calligraphy...

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