Other evening entertainments

Other evening entertainments

We offer unique and trendy performances for your themed evening events: "themed photos" and "poker nights". Excellent alternatives to the more classical-themed party...

Photo shoots that are entertaining and pure fun ... guaranteed! The suspense and enjoyment of the game are on menu in, an evening of poker!

Organization of innovative events

With the utmost care, Reibaud Communication designs and develops the most innovative entertainment services in the industry. The themed events 'photo shoots' and 'poker nights' are developed with rigorous attention to detail: the complete satisfaction of all participants is at the heart of it's organization, and their decor is developed with research and creativity.

Themed Photos

thumb photosSouvenir photos on various themes: sixties, seventies, hippies, Islands, back to school, Bachelor, party music, 1900, circus, tales and legends...

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thumb Poker 1Tables, dealers, prizes, auctions, moderator, poker tournament, no limit Texas Hold'em...

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