Themed Photos


Our 'themed photo shoots' will allow your guests or participants to walk away with a great souvenir of their evening, in a frame printed on cardboard.

Do not hesitate: it takes only a few minutes! A professional photographer and his wardrobe assistant, dress you in costumes (worn over your clothes) and apply makeup for an irresistible individual or group photo session.

Choose your favorite theme: the early 1900s, the Hippies, the Carnival of Venice, the Western, the cinema, the 'Sun King' in all its glory, may 68, disco, pop art studio, the oriental, the circus, Santa Clause...

The choice is yours! And your photo will be developed in less than a minute!


Services Information

Performances : 1900, western, China, 60's, 70's, Venetian countryside, Renoir, Montmartre, back to school, Under the sea, Festival of music, Cotton club, holiday...
Performers : 2 artists
Duration : 3 hours of non-stop entertainment
Wardrobe : According to theme
Requirements : Performance area, Sound system, lighting equipment, dressing rooms

Photo Gallerys

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