10 years of Puteaux en plage (Puteaux by the sea)

natation synchroniséeReibaud Communication joined the municipality of Puteaux in the implementation and coordination of the 10 year anniversary of Puteaux en Plage.

The 25 minute acrobatic diving show included: somersaults and diving stunts from a 15 meter platform in a pool specially adapted for the event

With charm and talent, the ballet of synchronized swimming performed by french national champions completely won over their audience. The grand finally was performed to Brazilian and capoeira music.

Let's dine out on the ice at the Mériadec skating rink in Bordeaux

thumb dansons-sur-la-glace 1The Olympiads one evening in December at the Mériadec rink in Bordeaux!

A special awards ceremony given at the ice-skating games (Ice-skating race, luge, figure skating, skiing course...) followed by a fondue served against a snowy backdrop made for a cheery evening together.

The URAPEL Symposium at the Palais des Congrès de Versailles

colloque"Childhood education, the roots of success", at the request of the URAPEL at the Palace of Congress of Versailles.

Performances at the Musée d'Orsay

Muse orsayWhat better place to celebrate a memorable event than at the Orsay Museum.

The portraitists, the jazzmen, the string trio were all present to perform throughout the evening, and forever immortalized by the many photos taken of guests during the event, (thanks to our roaming photo studio) in front of the statue of Carpeaux. An historic moment!

Yves Lecoq at the movies

lecoqAt an evening event devoted to the cinema, employees play actors being directed by very funny film director.

An anniversary party in a insurance company

Anniversaire 1A real challenge with 1200 guests at the table.

To accomplish a wonderful evening, from logistics to the organization, the team did a magnificent job... (catering, sound, lighting, audiovisual, signage, hostesses...)

Hangar 14 exposition in Bordeaux

Exposition 1A subsidiary of CNCE, marks its 10 year anniversary by celebrating at Hangar 14 in Bordeaux.

Using numerous archival documents, we produced a retrospective film which highlights the company's most memorable moments: news articles, advertising campaigns, numerous photos...

Contemporary dance at the shopping mall, "Les quatre temps" La Defense - Paris

Danse contemporaineLa Defence is one of the landmark locations in the capitol for modern and contemporary art. The shopping centre, "Les Quatre Temps" contributes to that cultural reputation by offering contemporary dance performances.

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